Sports Car Drivers.

I may not know a hell of a lot about cars but I do know this: all guys who drive sports cars are egotistical assholes. Tell me I’m lying, I dare you.


“I may be lame but..”

There’s nothing like the new facebook timeline to remind you how little you have going on in your life.

I’m going through my own right now and I swear it looks like the profile of someone you’re not friends with but who didn’t set their privacy settings properly so any old stranger can see some of their activity. Except that it is my profile and I have full access to it. I have nothing up there. While other people’s profiles are taking ages and ages to load because they have so much shit on there, mine loaded with no difficulty at all. You barely had to even scroll much to reach the end of the profile.

Perhaps I should party more. Or maybe, I shouldn’t try to have other people’s idea of a good time. Hanging out with friends part of the day, and spending the rest of it musing over life, my future and my escape into the sunset or maybe even spending it watching a nice movie on my laptop with snacks and a glass of Coke at my side isn’t a bad way to live either. As long as I’m enjoying it.