A lesson.

Losing my dog has left a major hole in my heart. Every so often I think that he should be here exploring and enjoying his life. He was a dog who didn’t get bored easily and always found a way to keep himself amused. He didn’t need us although he did like having us around and he clearly didn’t mind the occasional hug either because he’d always raise his head and lick my face or chin or just settle down on my lap whenever I hugged him.

I love this dog so much but loving something with all your heart doesn’t give it the ultimate protection like Harry Potter would have us believe. Love goes a long way but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

If this tragedy has taught me anything it’s this: don’t waste time on people who don’t love or care or appreciate you, because the time we have with the people who do love us just isn’t long enough. We don’t have enough time to waste on useless people.

If you have “friends” who only remember you when their other friends (the ones they abandoned you for) have stabbed them in the back or are just being annoying to them, tell them goodbye and just hang up the phone. If you have “friends” who only remember you when they want something, drop them now. If you have “friends” for whom you have to use all of your energy to tolerate, cut them out of your life now.

Life is short, and our time with our loved ones is even shorter. Stop tolerating shit.