What IBTP taught me

I’m sad that Twisty has stopped writing IBTP. This was the blog that taught me about 80% of what I know about feminism. This was the blog that caused me to shift from the liberal school of thought to the radical school of thought. This blog really opened my eyes and made me see things that had never occurred to me before. It made me sceptical about everything and the category, “men hate you,” made me see the truth about men and what they really think about us. This blog changed my entire view of the world and myself and the word, “choice.”

I read the blog so often, (a few times a day), that eventually I developed my own feminist voice and could put into words things that bothered the fuck out of me. I could opine on things before they were even written about on the blog. When they did appear, I often had similar well thought out opinions like the other feminists who commented, which brings me to the discussions on this blog – I learned so much from them. I learned about the lives of other women from different walks of life and different social backgrounds. I grew more sympathetic to mothers. I became exposed to perspectives of what it was like to live in utter poverty with no safety net below you. I came to understand racism and privilege. I realized that marriage can never, ever have a fairytale ending, something which still pains me to accept to this day.

This blog helped me develop my understanding and voice. I have a lot yet to learn but I’ve learned a hell of a lot from this blog. I’m sad that Twisty isn’t going to write it anymore. As she stated, she was starting to repeat herself, and a lot of things still haven’t changed. I guess it’s time for her to start enjoying her own life, full time. Writing about patriarchy is a depressing endeavour especially when many of the oppressed are aware of their oppression and the systems which keep them in place, but still participate in their own oppression. I speak of myself of course and my inability to stop fussing over my looks among other male-serving things.

I will forever be grateful for what Twisty did for feminism. The fact that she has moved on to other things has made me realize that it’s not OK for me to continue with the way I’ve been going, using the excuse of, “I’m young,” to justify my stupid choices. The world isn’t going to change if we continue perpetuating crap even though we know it’s crap. She’s still writing, but I will miss her funny take on misogyny and society’s acceptance of it.

We all need to continue what Twisty started and we all need to start practising what we preach and we can’t all wait till we’re post-menopausal to do it. We have to start NOW.


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