Reconciling the Subordination of Women with Feminism

I am twisting my brains into knots trying to figure this question out: how do some women who have some kind of feminist awareness reconcile their feminist beliefs with their religions? I can’t think of a single religion which isn’t inherently sexist. Islam and Christianity are both at best patronizing to women. Christianity does no favours for women. It insults us early on in the very first book of the Bible, Genesis. It’s because of a woman, evil first entered the world, right? The much touted New and Improved Testament says that god is at the head of man and man in turn is at the head of women which is why it is an abomination for men to cover their heads in the presence of god but an utter necessity for women to cover theirs. Covering one’s hair according to Christianity has every fucking bit to do with upholding the status quo of who is in charge of whom. It is entirely symbolic of our second class status and has fuck to do with modesty.

I don’t know how Christian feminists can read this fuckery and be all fine and dandy with it. Some even go so far as to claim that Jesus was a feminist! I mean really, you all? Really? The guy came down here preaching his message of peace and love, shit we already know. While humans are famous for killing each other and whatnot, we’re social animals and it is love and our willingness to cooperate and show compassion for each other which has partly contributed to the success of the species and the evolution of the hominoid species known us Homo sapiens. The people in Jesus’ day didn’t need the much redundant “love and peace” message hammered into their heads again. There were certain oppressed groups, however, that urgently needed Jesus’ help but he didn’t speak up much for them. These were the slaves and women. I think he told the slaves to be good to their masters or some useless, insulting shit. This really lowers my opinion of Jesus, let me tell you. While slavery and oppression of women are still being perpetuated today by humans, there are other humans, particularly women who are using their own brains and hearts to fight these things. They devote their lives to ending oppression and they are the real heroes, if such things exist.

What about dear old Islam? I’ve already ranted so much about Christianity and Jesus that I don’t really have the energy to go on about Islam. But I’ll at least get this out: Islam doesn’t do any favours for women either no matter how much Muslim Feminists try to insist that it is an inherently feminist religion. It says to honour your mum more than your dad or before your dad or something because of the great role she plays in your life but our mothers don’t need that patronizing bullshit. What they need is for the responsibilities of parenthood to be equally shared between both parents because it is fucking hard for one person to handle all that shit on her own, no matter how much you praise her for it. At the end of the day, praise does little for a burnt out woman’s soul. Institutional change with respect to gender roles would make a hell of a difference though.

Islam also says that men are the protectors and maintainers of women instead of giving women what they really need which is the right and ability to protect and maintain themselves. An economically independent woman is a hell of a lot more safe than a woman who lives at the mercy of a man. Why give men so much power over women, Allah? Why would you do that? What do the holders of power tend to do? Yes, they abuse that power while another suffers. The other thing is that women wouldn’t need the protection of men if we didn’t live in constant fear of men. You entrust men with the power to protect and maintain women and the right to their wives obedience which is incredible power, but you can’t say outright not to fucking hurt us? There is a fine line between a man commanding a woman within his rights and a man abusing those rights, yet those rights and that power are his and you trust that he won’t abuse these things. But you are positive that there will always be men who hurt women, who won’t be able to control their urges when it comes to women. You are positive that men can’t control their urges but at the same time you believe that they will be able to resist exploiting their wives so you’ve given them rights over them. Does anyone else see the contradiction?

Men are expected to control the urge to exploit and abuse the services of their wives (although it is so easy in Islam) but when it comes to sexual urges, it is expected of women to be accommodating of their lack of control. Like I really don’t understand, Allah. There is also a lot of gender essentialist views in Islam which are of course necessary to justify the ridiculous gender roles in there.

With all that said, I have to say that Islam and Christianity are not really that different from each other. The Hijab and beard might make Islam seem like it’s a completely different religion from Christianity but it’s not. A lot of the same bullshit pops up in both religions.

So anyway, that was my question and this is my rant. I am perplexed by women who defend these woman hating belief systems to the death, especially when these same women are critical of every other thing worthy of scepticism on Earth but their religions.


Sometimes I need reminding

Whenever I read the comments that a lot of guys leave at the end of feminist videos, I often end up asking myself,

“why do I want to find love again?”

“why do I waste my time dreaming of someday finding “the one” again?”

“why do I even like men again?”

And lastly,

“why couldn’t I just be a lesbian?”

Maybe living a life separate from men, an idea which so many feminists are terrified of even contemplating, isn’t such a bad idea after all. Clearly men don’t think much of us anyway and an essential part of male sexuality is apparently viewing women as sexual objects which lack those characteristics which make one human such as emotions, thoughts and opinions. An essential part of male sexuality according to the nearest men magazine to you is thinking of women as mere masturbatory devices.

I don’t need that kind of shit in my life. I’m happy with myself. At least I think I’m human and I take a pride in my humanity and in my thoughts and feelings. My opinions and thoughts are who I am. I fucking adore myself.

I don’t need some person to give me worth. Especially a person who regards me as an accessory or appendage to him. A thing he sometimes finds useful. A thing he’ll soon grow tired off and need to replace.

I’m not someone’s useful device. I am a complete human being.