What exactly is a “real woman” anyway?

Real Women

This “real woman” bullshit is something which really divides women. It may seem uplifting to some women but it makes other women feel like crap. Do you know how annoying it is to hear a “curvy” woman go on about how she’s proud of her curves because they’re sexy and she’s glad she’s not skinny because skinny girls have no shape and are sick-looking and ugly? I know that it must be equally annoying for these same women to have the skinny ideal shoved into their faces repeatedly by the media but that’s no reason to be fucking mean. Do you know that there’s a hell of a lot more to people than whether they’re skinny or fat or thick or whatever? Did you know that skinny girls can actually be kind? Did you know that skinny girls can actually be smart? Did you know that skinny girls can actually be really great friends?

If there’s anyone to hate for this skinny ideal bullshit, it’s the media and idiots who are intent on perpetuating this crap. There will be mean skinny girls out there, of course, who might take a pride in their skinniness because they have nothing else going for them. But there are also nice skinny girls out there too. When you start going on about how ugly and freaky and disgusting they are, the target of this includes both mean and nice skinny girls.

So instead of being mean, let’s be nice to each other. We’re all real women regardless of our size. We all have to jump through a million and one hoops in the obstacle course that is patriarchy in order to survive. We all have expectations to live up to. We all have to figure out how to be happy. We all have to figure out what’s a bunch of lies and what’s the truth. We all have it fucking hard and we don’t need to further divide ourselves over a standard that was created by the male-dominated media and culture.

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2 comments on “What exactly is a “real woman” anyway?

  1. angeldelextrano says:

    I’m what’s considered a “skinny girl” and just about every single day, especially when I bothered having a Twitter account, I encounter this retarded “curvy girls are better than skinny girls” thing. Having a preference is one thing, but flat out hating against a certain body type is another. On one level it disgusts me. On another it makes me feel like crap knowing some people look at me and think, “She’s so thin. She must be anorexic or sick or something. She looks gross.”

    • Hey, I’m a skinny girl too and yes this curvy vs skinny thing irritates me to no end. My parents used to be accused of starving me so I totally understand.

      I can’t understand how some girls/women can jump on a bandwagon that had previously been used to make THEM feel bad about themselves with just the positions of the words “curvy” and “skinny” switched. Don’t they know how bad it feels? However, I’ve been on Tumblr and there are some fat/non-skinny bloggers out there who are doing a wonderful job redefining what it means to be beautiful and I think they’re helpful to all women because they tackle many of the different ways women are required to be beautiful or face the consequences. Here’s one: http://redefiningbodyimage.tumblr.com/

      What’s the point of trying to switch the standards? We’re supposed to be saying, “Fuck the standards!” or better yet, “Fuck beauty! Why is it so important that women have to be beautiful anyway?”

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